Kingsfield School, 1965.

1965 School Photograph (from Steve Thomas). Click on the image for a larger version.

School Play, 1965.

"His Excellency the Governor" (from Robert Wildmore).
Standing: David Platts, Keith Lemmon, ? Redfern, Langley Denhard, Robert Wildmore (The Governor), John Drury, Dale Morgan, Steve Thomas, Christopher Hunter,
Kneeling: Jeremy Pitkin, David Andrews. Robert had to eat bananas continuously during his presence on the stage if I remember correctly [Ed]

School Play, 1965.

"The Babe of Bethlehem" (from Roger Welch).
Roger writes: School play 1965... The Babe of Bethlehem.... a somewhat battered image!!
From left to right, rear: Mark Engert, Marc Saletes, Roderick Jones, Allen, Roger Welch, ?, ?
front: ?, Nicholas Vause, Matthew Urquhart, Vince, Stephen Irons, Posner, Grossmann, Mark Shrimpton, Romain

Sports Day, 1965.

Mr. Jacobs on the right.

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Mr. Keep on the left.

Robert Laws's mother, Patricia.

Mr. keep's back.

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