Kingsfield School, 1969. 

1969 School Photograph (from Jon Brewerton). Click on the image for a larger version.
Jon's brother Anthony is the rightmost teacher.

The following images have been supplied by Simon Rennie (commentary below):

Simon Rennie writes: "The boat is Mr Class's Gaff rig 1880's called Victoria that he kept at Wotton creek on the I.O.W. he tended to eat on Tuesday table? at lunchtime i.e the one on the left looking in through the window? There were several schools trips by him, polish the brass & I will take you for a sail! He also had a "Sharpy" ? Which I helmed and old Olympic boat of about the early 50's? About 20ft long and only 6 inch out of the water with steel keel and rudder and no bouyancy.............if you capsized you sank!"

"The "Santa" taken I think in one of the upper classrooms is Geoff Wood the son of the GP in Watford and as much as my Dad is still in touch with Tim Wood his dad I understand Geoff is also a GP in the third world somewhere."

"The picture of the master [Hammy Hampsun I think - Ed.] did not want his photo taken and again Geoff was the decoy for me but got his hand in the way, i seem to remember it was taken in the milk corner? Why 6.00 o'clock I do not know it seems late? The small smiling boy on the left, I think his nick name was "Sharky"?"

"I also have the memory the smaller boy playing football in the tennis court (no ball to be seen) was "rather good""

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